Love is what bleeds from my fingertips,

As my heart rips,

Once my eyes stop blinking,

Then this brain gets the thinking,

Where my breath stops searching for air,

Imagine I stare,

Staying with a person even through the bullshit,

Because they’re worth it,

Its the little things that make it special,

It’s the flaws of them that make them special,

Why the fuck would you want it to be perfect?

There would be nothing to reflect,

There wouldn’t be anything to build together,

That’s the reason I would wanna be together,

Having each other become better means the most,

I’ll scream if the relationship that means the world to me would turn ghost,

Because if say ‘I love you’

That shit is true

I cracked the screen of your perspective,

You need to get a reliable directive,

Because you don’t know a damn thing of whom I am,

Trying to assume something is my jam,

I can believe why 98% of people living today are ignorant,

So dumb to respect a well-given rant,

Society is your dysfunctional family,

And wouldn’t bother to listen even if I were Joseph Gramley,

You only care about what the media feeds you,

Even when 99.99% of the shit isn’t true,

Don’t be surprised when you catch a falcon punch to the face from someone other than me,

Color was something said you didn’t see,

So I guess you got your ass kicked by Casper,

But it’s nowhere close to the things that happen in Jasper (Fuck Texas)

Nobody taking me serious,

They’re so delirious,

From practically nothing,

I’m been molded before their eyes into something,

Caring so much has turned me into a fool,

Would it finally get through their heads if I drown in a pool?Dom don’t do that,

Dom don’t do that,

Please don’t do that,

We love you,

Bullshit because that’s not true,

You only want me,

When you want me,

Never when I want you,

Fuck you,

And you,

And you,

You all make me sick,

Watch me get wick,

Listen to how much I care,

I’ll jump off the roof if you dare,

All have my body splatter on the ground for all the white people to stare

We need a revolution,
Seems to be the only solution,
You always try to cover up,
All the shit you fucked up,
Government don’t take this by surprise,
That your citizens are starting to rise,
Ladies excuse me,
But I notice what you see,
Not an angel but demon in me,
Under this black skin,
Bleed out my sin,
Don’t lie when you say that I don’t look like a monster that would be found under your bed,
So much running through my head,
And no one under—

What am I to do with this whole in my head?

Should I just drift off to bed?

Or shall I cry instead?

I have glue, staples, tape, and stitches trying to hold together my heart,

I pour blood and tears into my art,

I seem to pour more for others,

I think that’s the end of my poem